An Illustrated Guide to export Garmin Connect’s Training Calendar to Google Calendar

For those who use Google Calendar as a personal time management tool, you’ll be glad to know that you can export your Garmin Connect training calendar!  Here’s how it is done:

  1. Login to Garmin Connect  (
  2. Select a Training Plan: step1a
  3. Schedule the training schedule in order to add it to your Dashboard: step 1a
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San Diego’s Most Important Tweeters!

If you own a mobile phone and know how to access the internets, subscribing to Twitter is hardly something to scoff about.  Twitter is a practical communication tool that combines the best of the web with your cell phone without the need for a mobile data contract.   Whether you have a data plan or not, you are sure to benefit greatly from free service if you “follow” the right “tweeters.”

Tweeters here are chosen for their quality and usefulness of their tweets.  No fluff here! You can subscribe to my local-news twitter list, or simply read more about why you should follow: Continue reading

How to change your Work and Home address in Google Latitude

Google Latitude can now tell you how much time you spend at work and home.  Latitude will set your work and home addresses by default using your location history.  The address will very likely be inaccurate because it is usually based on cell phone tower triangulated location data.

You can let Google Latitude track your time spent at work and home more accurately by updating the work and home addresses.  Here’s how:

Sign into your Google account, and go to the Google Latitude dashboard:

Click Change next to the Work or Home Address to Change it.Next to your Work or Home address, click “Change” to change the respective address.  That’s it!