SAR Academy Study Aids

The study aids are now available in dropbox here

1. The Academy calendar on Google Calendar
2. Anki Flashcard Deck for SD SAR. (download from dropbox) There are many instructions on how to install Anki flashcards if you search “Anki”
3. EMR Medical Assessment Decision Tree (NEW Study Aid). I created this study aid because there were many new skills and steps in Chapters 7 – 9. This decision tree helps me to quickly visualize where a particular mnemonic/skill falls in the scheme of a medical emergency. Please feel free to edit the drawing (especially if you find an error).

Feel free to contact me if you want help with any of the study aids at

Current Anki Decks:

  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Emergency Medical Response Textbook notes
  • SAR Abbreviations
  • Tactical Rescue
  • Tech Rescue
  • SAR Policies and Procedures
  • Latest Anki Deck updates:
    03-25-2018: Added Tactical and Tech rescue flashcards. Multiple images are included. Some cards that are not necessary to recall are suspended, and others have been removed. Total cards = 576.
    02-05-2018: Marked cards that are pertinent to mock quizzes.
    01-02-2018: Added notes for chapters 8 and 9. Also added Key terms for chapters 10 through 31.
    12-27-2017: Notes from Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of the EMR textbook.
    12-06-2017: Medical terms and procedures deck.