Secret Garden


I won this T-Shirt in the Secret Garden T-Shirt Contest!  Secret Garden is a mega hit KDrama series that recently completed airing in South Korea.  I never knew Korean Dramas could be so funny and entertaining, but lately I found out that the variety of Korean TV genres span just as wide as American TV Shows.  If anything, Korean shows much are funnier and have more depth in plot!!!  They really deserve to be rebranded as Korean Comedies.

Kim Joo Won is a conceited heir to an Elitist family that owns and runs a department store, hotels, and resorts. Gil Ra Im is a poor and humble stunt-woman who never gives herself enough credit.  Ra Im is everything Joo Won is not, and Joo Won is everything that Ra Im is not.  One day, they magically switch bodies, and they must learn from one another through living each others’ lives.

Drama Fever’s writers sums up this TV series very well in just one line:

This highly-rated and unusual drama follows a neurotic businessman and a passionate stunt woman who come to possess each other’s hearts and bodies…literally!

I highly recommend anyone to give ‘Secret Garden’ a chance.  I dare you to watch up to the 6th episode!  Enjoy!  🙂