San Diego’s Most Important Tweeters!

If you own a mobile phone and know how to access the internets, subscribing to Twitter is hardly something to scoff about.  Twitter is a practical communication tool that combines the best of the web with your cell phone without the need for a mobile data contract.   Whether you have a data plan or not, you are sure to benefit greatly from free service if you “follow” the right “tweeters.”

Tweeters here are chosen for their quality and usefulness of their tweets.  No fluff here! You can subscribe to my local-news twitter list, or simply read more about why you should follow:

The following are worth turning on mobile notifications for:

@SDFU – San Diego Fire-Rescu – ZERO fluff, critical information for your safety.  If you live in San Diego, following this tweeter is a must!  [tweet!/SDFD/status/106862619255775232]

@CALFIRESANDIEGO – [tweet!/CALFIRESANDIEGO/status/154678701597011968]

@QuakePrediction – [tweet!/Quakeprediction/status/155382567653228544]

@ReadySanDiego – [tweet!/ReadySanDiego/status/155375553799667712]


The following tweeters are recommended followings, but not necessarily worth turning on mobile notification for (especially if your mobile plan limits your SMS texts):

@SDGE – power outage?  Or is it just your home?  All is answered with a tweet from your local power company. [tweet!/SDGE/status/155435286304784384]

@SDFoodTrucks – Don’t laugh!  You never know when the urge for a foodie excursion hits. When you do, SDFoodTrucks is your friend.  [tweet!/SDFoodTrucks/status/155509705643540480]

@KPBSNews the best local tweets for San Diegans [tweet!/KPBSnews/status/155404266826244097]

@SDWasteNoWater their profile says it all: “The City of San Diego’s Water Conservation Program provides information, resources and programs to help San Diegans use water wisely.” [tweet!/SDWasteNoWater/status/155386309609918464]

@MayorSanders – He’s your Mayor and mine! [tweet!/MayorSanders/status/154611839005765632]

@TEDxSanDiego – [tweet!/TEDxSanDiego/status/155388294564286465]

@BalboaPark – Tweets about San Diego’s most beautiful park! [tweet!/BalboaPark/status/155393747167883264]

@PassportBalboa – More tweets on the latest happenings in Balboa Park [tweet!/PassportBalboa/status/7448459259]

@ZionMarket -My Favorite Grocery Market! [tweet!/ZionMarket/status/155351316468744192]