Getting Started with Dizi (a resource guide)

tuned in D key

I recently purchased a bamboo flute in order to learn an instrument. I’ve always enjoyed the varied melodies of Classical Chinese instruments like the dizi, erhu, and pipa. A quick Wikipedia search about dizi flutes shows that its origins trace back to my cultural roots of the ChaoZhounese people of China!

Getting started:
1. Selecting my first dizi: price, tonal key, and store.
I chose the D key because it was recommended by many online flutists for starting on the dizi.

2. Applying the membrane
The dizi is unique in that it requires the attachment of a thin sheet of paper called a membrane over one of the holes. has excellent instruction on how to properly glue this critical piece onto the flute. I just provided my email for the quick video lessons.

3. Making a sound (keywords: “flute embouchure”) has great instruction on the essentials of making a crisp sound from the dizi (holding the flute correctly, good posture, good breathing, and so on). However, there is a remarkable Youtuber that helps explain things in plain terms, Enjoy!

4. Finding a song to practice on. I’m a Star Trek fan so I’ll be practicing the opening theme of Star Trek (Original Series)

5. UP NEXT: Finding a tutor! Since I don’t know any other dizi flutists, I’ll need an expert to provide me with feedback on a regular basis. I’ve embarked on Facebook and Reddit in search of a tutor, so more on this later!


  • Dizi Finger Chart – D key