GIS Projects

The following are Geographic Information System projects which are ongoing:

Project 1: Street Sweeping and Water Quality Management Project Report – Draft 1
Geostatistical Analysis Of Street Sweeping as a Water Quality Management Tool for San Diego

The purpose of this project is to analyze the utility of Street Sweeping as a water quality improvement strategy for the County of San Diego. This project measures the co-variance between street sweeping at a storm drain inlet (without treatment) and the quality of the beach water at the connected storm drain outlet. Remote Sensing, GIS models, and the county’s street sweeping schedule were assembled in a data table via the ArcGIS software suite.

Project 1a: Street Sweeping Schedule Parser written in Python Code (please contribute at GitHub!):

This is a Python project which will parse street sweeping schedule information into a calendar date format. The information input is written in a text string form such as “First and Third Tuesday of the month”, and must be populated on a 365-day calendar for use in ArcGIS and other mapping software.

Project 2: Update Surfrider (San Diego Chapter) Ashcans Map for the “Hold On To Your Butt” Cigarrette removal program.
Surfrider HOTYB Program website: