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San Diego’s Most Important Tweeters!

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How to change your Work and Home address in Google Latitude

Google Latitude can now tell you how much time you spend at work and home.  Latitude will set your work and home addresses by default using your location history.  The address will very likely be inaccurate because it is usually … Continue reading

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Secret Garden

I won this T-Shirt in the Secret Garden T-Shirt Contest!  Secret Garden is a mega hit KDrama series that recently completed airing in South Korea.  I never knew Korean Dramas could be so funny and entertaining, but lately I found … Continue reading

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Darren’s Kimchi JJigae

I got my inspiration for this Kimchi Jjigae from this link: I made a few changes in ingredients and preparation, so here’s my spin on this recipe. This recipe serves 4 hungry adults with rice and banchan (Korean side dishes). … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Wow! It has been a long time since I edited my first Welcome post.  I will be posting more content in starting today and through 2011. What brought me back to my blog was an email update from Matt Mullenweg … Continue reading

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I am using this website to learn and track my learning progress in web development.  The posts here will also include my hobbies and other points of interest from the web. Thank you for visiting!

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